Mathieson Property’s senior management has over 15 years experience successfully creating, delivering and asset-managing over A$1 billion in market-leading residential, commercial, hotel and student housing assets in the Australian market.

Alex Sicari, Mathieson Property’s Founding Director

We are a boutique property development and investment firm, directly investing in property, and offering a variety of services to our partners, customised to suit their specific needs.

At Mathieson Property we are constantly refining and improving our ‘customer-focussed’ philosophy to understand market trends and implement innovative solutions to respond to changing needs.

To start, we are selective in locating our investments, choosing only desirable areas with proximity to key growth drivers such as lifestyle, population, infrastructure and employment. From here we focus on buildings that are carefully designed and robustly constructed/maintained to meet the specific needs of the occupier.

It is this fastidious attention to detail that drives desirability and therefore strong long term occupancy and value growth.

Services offered by Mathieson Property are outlined below:

  • ‘End to end’ property advisory
  • Acquisition, development, asset management, and divestment
  • Direct investment
  • Partnerships and joint ventures
  • Funding and capital structuring
  • Sales, leasing and property management

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Our investment philosophy is to seek rare or unique opportunities, with a focus on value creation and risk mitigation through sophisticated skillset and management systems. We provide advisory services to clients, can co-invest to ensure alignment of interests or independently invest in property.


Mathieson Property manages each phase of the property investment cycle with a keen attention to detail, implementing proven measures to mitigate risks and maximise value.


  • Market trends and demographic analysis
  • Agent management
  • Site identification
  • Site risks and mitigation
  • Feasibility analysis, business case assessment
  • Planning due diligence
  • Design and construction due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • Finance and capital structuring


  • Planning and authority approvals
  • Detailed feasibility business case assessment
  • Funding and structuring to close
  • Cost control and reporting
  • Design and construction procurement and oversight
  • Financial reporting
  • Programme time management
  • Sales and leasing marketing
  • Occupation certification and handover

Asset Management

  • Tenant market trends and analysis
  • Agent management
  • Leasing marketing
  • Transaction management
  • Investment cashflow analysis
  • Financial reporting
  • Refinancing structuring
  • Routine maintenance capex and life cycle cost strategies
  • Refurbishment, asset repositioning


  • Capital market analysis
  • Sales data, analytics
  • Scenario analysis
  • Financial assessment
  • Sales marketing
  • Agent management
  • Transaction management
  • Completion


A selection of investments managed by Mathieson Property key personnel are illustrated below.


Mathieson Property and PWD

State of the Art Health Facility

AU$150 million


Mathieson Property

Aspirational, boutique seniors housing estate

AU$18 million

Lusso Drummoyne

Britely Property

Ultra high end penthouse apartments.

AU$42 million


Britely Property

Ultra Luxury Penthouses

AU$12 million

Chester Place

Britely Property

60 Bed New Gen Boarding House and 900m2 Creative Office

AU$36 million

Bourke & Phillip

Britely Property

40 Residential Apartments plus Retail

AU$45 million


Frasers Property / Sekisui House

180 Luxury Residential Apartments and Retail

AU$220 million

The Steps

Frasers Property / Sekisui House

770 Bed ‘Next Generation’ Student Accommodation and Retail

AU$303 million


Frasers Property / Sekisui House

360 Luxury Residential Apartments, 300 Key ‘Four Points’ Hotel, 5,000m2 Office (UTS), Childcare

AU$630 million

Lena Karmel Lodge

RBS / Alba Capital

560 Bed Student Accommodation, retail and 700 Bay Commercial Car Park

AU$130 million

Kinloch & Davey Lodge

RBS / Alba Capita

1,100 bed Student Accommodation plus Retail.

AU$180 million

121 Marcus Clarke

RBS / Alba Capital

26,000m2 A-Grade Office, Ersnt & Young Canberra HQ

AU$170 million


MICK CADDEY, Director Central Park


“Alex is a strategic thinker, straight talker and he takes a diligent and outcomes-focussed approach to each project. His greatest attribute is the energy he puts into finding Clients successful solutions.”



“Alex has continued to prove himself as an excellent operator whose ability is reflected through his skills and relationships with others that are well beyond those typical of his age group. Alex has successfully managed commercial negotiations, acquisitions, design and construction as well as the completion of major projects. He continues to out-perform”



“The projects presented unique challenges, to which Alex was always proactive in providing well-researched, sound and innovative solutions. In addition to the delivery of outstanding projects and profitability, Sekisui House has been most impressed with Alex's excellent level of service delivery where he always worked in the best interests of both joint venture partners.”